A quick note to give each of you an idea what we do in a year thru this club.
Talking to our newest Rotarians, it's clear that we don't beat our chest enough for all the things we do. This lack of PR may be an issue that keeps us a secret in the Mansfield community. Here's a list of some of the things we do: 1) MISD Education Foundation $5K donation annually 2) 100% Foundation giving in this club 3) Sponsor 2 Interact Clubs 4) Along with the Noon Club we provide dictionairies for all 3rd graders in Mansfield 5) 3 year pledge to Polio Plus for $1k/year 6) Provide approx $1250 for water filters in Honduras 7) Teacher of the Year Banquet for 6 High Schools 8) Provide Wheelchairs in Mexico 9) Weekly Meals on Wheels 10) Annual Basketball Tournament 11) Wesley Mission Center--help and money 12) Help Habitat for Humanity 13) Common Ground Network donation 14) Komen Foundation donation 15) Reading initiative in elementary schools A list, I believe, we can be proud of.